March 2022 became a memorable time for Xanthus, with exciting news such as this one. Xanthus has a new look, so to speak. It rebranded itself to stay in tune with the times and added a bunch of new services to boot! We now have a brand innovation services team with us too.

The reason for the rebrand, according to Mrunal Nagrecha, CEO and co-founder, was because “everything has an expiry date and in today’s world, businesses need to keep reinventing so they can bring value to their customers and we are no different.”

But how did the rest of the work force take this change? We asked a few questions to the team leads and here’s what some of them have to say –

1. What do you think about the new Xanthus brand identity i.e. the logo, the colours and the new services?

Ruchi Patel, QA Lead: It looks very vibrant and the colours look more sophisticated.

Jitendra Jain, Project Lead: The new Xanthus brand identity is amazing. The logo visually represents what we are. The logo colour combination is really good — Green indicates creativity, glory and energy while white indicates originality.

Oliver Rodriques, QA Lead: It is good… It is good that we are looking for more opportunities to earn more revenue in this service.

Piyush Chikhalkar, Project Leader: The complete capitalization of the name in the new Xanthus logo indicates growth. The green, white and blue are very welcoming and the tagline shows that we care about everyone. The green arrow in the X shows that we’re moving in the right direction.

2. What are your hopes with this rebranding?

RP: (I hope for) more web presence as Web Design and Social Media advertising is important to help our business succeed.

 JJ: I hope that we get more business with our brand name and Xanthus becomes a domain-specific identity with this brand name. For example, Cisco is known for networking. Xanthus can be a brand of some specific domain with other services too.

OR: I hope we get more business opportunities.

3. If there was one thing you’d like to tell the CEO about the rebranding, what would it be?

JJ: Wow..What an idea..

RP: Maybe we could add Education in a tab, where we promote and sponsor our employees to upskill to stay relevant.

OR: Rebranding will get us new customers and business opportunities, so don’t give up trying to get new customers.

4. With the new content and marketing services, where/how do you see your department growing? Be as specific as possible.

RP: I see more Web presence due to the rebranding and Marketing services. With respect to my department, my vision is to make my QA team more specialised and showcasing their skills on our website. In short, being the brand name for QA consultation is my dream

 JJ:  It will attract new resources/employees which will check the company’s profile before joining. It will also attract new clients, which will give new learnings and experiences. This will give rise to new technology and increase growth for sure.

OR: I see new opportunities to do testing for other companies and earn revenue for the company

5. If the old Xanthus brand identity and new Xanthus brand identity were a movie/cartoon/sitcom series, who would they be and why? E.g. old Xanthus identity is like Mrs. Incredible from the animated movie The Incredibles because it had red and black and the new logo reminds you of Billie Eilish because it has green and darkish blue

RP: The old branding would be The IT Crowd because the show revolves around three individuals in the Information Technology (IT) department, working out of the basement of a fictional company. The new branding is like Black Mirror. It is a science fiction english anthology web series where each episode is a new story that deals with a high tech world which has evolved from current technology.

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