For the past few weeks, we have been sharing our insights on IoT and what it can do for the world. Ever wondered what makes us the expert on it? Well, with our extensive experience in the field, we are capable of enabling IoT adoption across all stages:

Proof of Concept
  • Enabling connectivity on already deployed devices
  • Cloud connected prototyping
  • Demonstrating possible business value
  • Creating next-gen connected devices
  • Identifying the right partner for the platform
  • Combining data with existing systems
  • Creating business applications
  • On-board groups, users and devices
  • Creating operations center
  • Monitoring and managing devices and businesses
All things considered, why should you choose Xanthus to be your technology partner?
Other Software Providers
  • Individual employees with individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Generic solutions that are limited by their technology stack capabilities and tied to specific hardware vendors
  • May have a lot of other products and services to offer that divert attention
  • An integrated, experienced team with understanding of the intricacies of IoT
  • A specialized, bespoke software development company with a strategic plan of action developed through years of experience and design thinking
  • On time and within budget solutions that fit your specific business needs using the best of breed solutions across technologies and vendor

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