Software Development

When you work with Xanthus, you get the expertise of developers who can work with the Enterprise Software in perspective. Enterprise Software is not merely software developed for use by an organization instead of individual use. The developer also needs to keep the overall architecture of the system as well as the eventual aim in mind while designing the software and at Xanthus, we are always conscious of this responsibility.

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  • Qualified and Experienced Team
  • Efficient software minimising support cost
  • Responsive designs providing practical solutions
  • Harmony with your vision
  • Minimal turnaround time
  • Complete customer satisfaction

Services Offered

Offshore Software Development

Web Development Services

.Net Development

Offshore Application Development

Product Development

PHP Development

Software Maintenance

The best of software needs upgradation and maintenance from time to time. Whether it is adapting to newer platforms of fine tuning the existing code based on customers or vendor feedback, Xanthus’ team of expert developers takes the anxiety off your head and provides you with just the right fix. Our domains of service include:

Xanthus Illustration_DevOps copy_DevOps copy
  • Corrective Maintenance – Bug Fixes
  • Adaptive Maintenance –Application Upgrades and Platform Migration without deviating from current practices
  • Enhancement – Addition of New Module or New Reports
  • Perfective Maintenance – Rewrite Code for Future Ease of Maintenance

Software Re-Engineering

At times starting afresh seems like the simpler option but costs way more, takes way longer and ends with you working on the same issues that you started with the first time. Software re-engineering eliminates these issues. Developers work with the existing framework to revamp one or multiple processes and achieve superior performance and enhanced results. Our experience in the re-engineering field also ensures a lower downtime, a more sustainable model of business and a better return on investment.