With the end customer as the goal, Xanthus’ QA services provide you complete control over the quality and life of your software. The industry’s best practices are followed and the latest technologies are used in order to ensure that the product delivered to you has undergone rigorous testing and will stand up in the face of real world application.

Core Testing

With our thorough Quality Assurance and Testing, you can rest assured that your product will exceed the performance of competitors while significantly reducing cost.


  • Functional Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Performance Engineering

Specialized Testing

With the way technology is moving forward in leaps and bounds, newer tech needs newer testing. At Xanthus, innovation is key. We combine, create and employ our experience to produce the best methodology to test emerging technology like Robotics and Blockchain.


  • Accessibility Testing
  • CRM Testing
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Blockchain Testing
  • UX Testing
  • Localization Testing
  • API Testing
  • Big Data Testing
  • DevOps Quality Assurance
  • Cloud Migration Testing
  • Cloud Ops Assurance
  • Agile DevOps

Data Assurance

Today, data is definitely key. Xanthus provides you respite from anxiety regarding the pertinence of the provided data while ensuring it is shared in reliable ways.


  • Data Consolidation Testing
  • DB/BI Reports
  • ETL Testing
  • Test Data Management

Test Consulting

We help you streamline the testing process in a way that there are fewer iterations and resultantly a lower cost.


  • Test Environment Assessment
  • Tools and Methodologies Assessment
  • Test Process Assessment
  • Test Management Assessment
  • Test Automation Assessment
  • Test Audit

Security Assessment

Our Security Assessment services assess the security of your apps and their environment while also suggesting authenticated remedies.


  • Security Assessments of Web Application, APIs, Mobile Applications (iOS & Android), Cloud Hosted Applications
  • Intensive and High-Quality Manual Application Security Assessments with Threat Modelling
  • DevSecOps Implementation
  • Static Application Security Assessments (SAST) with Secure Development Guidelines
  • Remediation Assistance with tailor-made recommendations considering Application’s Architecture
  • Automated Dynamic Application Security Assessments (DAST)