The Internet of Things can be passed off as a set of items containing sensors interacting with one another; or it can be understood as a complex but valuable technology that places Big Data in your hands for productive usage. The difference in outlook is proof of our experience and readiness to innovate. At Xanthus, we are with you every step of the way from creating the architecture to cloud infrastructure.

Our Services

Sensors Data Collection

Big Data Solutions

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

IoT Ecosystem Development

End-to-end Security

Cloud Solutions

Blockchain Integration

Hardware Manufacturing

Product Prototyping

Custom Embedded System Development

Android Firmware

Device Management

SDK Development

Inter-device Data Exchange Protocols

Rapid Prototyping for Market Testing

AI on the edge

Assistance with Order Fulfilment and Quality Control

Algorithm Optimization to eliminate constraints to Bandwidth, Battery Life and compute

Real-time Application

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Assistance with fab selection

Custom Firmware Development

Android Firmware

Whether it is the OS of a phone app, a self-checkout counter or a vending machine, the range of our experience we have in the field will make all the operations of the Firmware unbelievably smooth. Allow us to create what you can only visualise.