With a combined 68 years of experience in the software field, RFID technology has been Xanthus’ fundamental field of expertise. Whether you are exploring RFID/Beacon for the first time or seeking to maximise its potential beyond its purely retail tagging usage, Xanthus’ proficiency in the field is bound to amaze you. Our specialist consultants will work with you every step of the way, helping you evaluate your current business needs, design a perfect solution, develop it to the point of efficient usage and implement the perfect product for your unique situation using RFID.

RFID technology has been used for decades now in every field ranging from commerce to transport and sports to waste management. However, to employ its full potential, you need a master in the field to be by your side; and that is exactly the kind of partnership Xanthus provides.

Xanthus Illustration_DevOps copy_DevOps copy
  • With you throughout the way
  • Attention to all parties in the supply chain
  • Differential input as per the vision of the business
  • Teams that keep the IT and commercial concerns at their core
  • Enthusiastic team of innovators
  • Connections to superior manufacturers, ensuring perfect implementation