Real-time deliveries do not operate like what the textbooks suggest. Collaboration between the Software Development and IT Operations teams help bridge this gap. To implement DevOps in an existing business structure would require a complete overhaul of the work culture and that can take time and changes that might not work for the company’s vision in the long run. This is where Xanthus comes in. With our experienced and seamlessly collaborative team, we provide you the opportunity to optimise your results through automation.

Xanthus Illustration_DevOps copy_DevOps copy
  • Development and Operations teams striving to collaborate rather than being combative
  • Fundamental focus on automation, providing faster releases
  • Continuous Integration increasing efficiency manifold
  • Continuous Testing that ensures quality is not sacrificed for speed
  • Continuous Delivery allows for releases into the live environment on a regular basis
  • Continuous Monitoring ensures integration of feedback loop into improvements