About Us

Xanthus is a complete business collaborator — a custom software development firm that builds smart, secure and scalable software with client success as the number one priority. Custom-built solutions in line with the client’s vision are Xanthus’ specialty. 


A parking officer’s work is laborious and time sensitive. The existing system posed the following challenges:

  • Need for manual access of records makes the task more time consuming 
  • Identifying individuals that are in violation on time is crucial to issuing citations but quite a gruelling task


Xanthus provided a convenient and effective solution of The Microsoft Hololens Parking and Citation system as a case study. This real-world business application of AR had the following key features:

  • The wearable AR glasses are convenient and easy-to-use. 
  • They instantly identify expired spaces with real-time pop-up notifications. 

Based on this instant and accessible information, the enforcement officer can issue citations efficiently. 


Using a combination of Unity & Vuforia with C#/Visual Studio as the development platform, the system was built to be completely modular and customizable. 


The AR system provides at-a-glance information on meters such as daily collection amount, the time remaining in the current parking session, or battery voltage levels. An officer can get vehicle history and registered owner information simply by viewing a license plate, greatly increasing on-street effectivenes