About Us

Xanthus is a complete business collaborator — a custom software development firm that builds smart, secure and scalable software with client success as the number one priority. Custom-built solutions in line with the client’s vision are Xanthus’ specialty. 


The WHO states that at least 1 in 10 medical products in low- and middle-income countries is substandard or falsified. On an average the counterfeit market is valued at $653.77 billion. The sale of counterfeit drugs  

  • kill about 10,000 Africans each year 
  • creates 2 to 5 percent of tax losses for governments around the world 
  • creates a lack of trust for the real product amongst the end users 


Our solution is RFID based. It tackles the problem in three ways: 

  • It enables the customer to verify the authenticity of the product and feel reassured about using it 
  • It reduces and eventually stops financial loss to the company as well as to government revenue 
  • It enables digital engagement with the product, ensuring a sense of transparency and trust 


A printed RFID tag on the product is scanned by a mobile app on the customer’s end that leverages the NFC reader on smartphones to ensure readability by a large population of Android and iOS users. The deceptive simplicity of the solution at the user end is what makes it ideal.  


This solution enables a tightly integrated supply chain with consumer engagement and increases confidence in the authenticity of the supplied pharmaceuticals and high value retail products.