About Us

Xanthus is a complete business collaborator — a custom software development firm that builds smart, secure and scalable software with client success as the number one priority. Custom-built solutions in line with the client’s vision are Xanthus’ specialty. 


A city overwhelmed with increased traffic on its public transport during the peak tourist season needed a solution that: 

  • Reduced traffic on public transport 
  • Created a feasible option to expensive car rentals 
  • Was simple, practical and replicable  


Xanthus provided a practical cycle sharing solution that: 

  • Decreased traffic on public transport by giving both locals and tourists an alternate option 
  • Increased the odds of the solution being accepted due to its affordable nature 
  • Ensured that the system was simple and easy enough to use so that people chose it over the other alternatives 

Xanthus’ solution gave the city two other advantages: 

  • The selfservice system is designed in a way that it eliminates the need for manned kiosks – reducing manpower needs and associated costs 
  • With bicycles at the core of the solution, the system is highly sustainable with a minimal carbon footprint. 


The software makes the system easy to monitor while its usability makes it simple for the user. The technology combines:   

  • RFID readers and smart locks on each bicycle stand and RFID key fobs that regular users can use for quick rentals 
  • An embedded app at the touch screen kiosk, running a Linux operating system 
  • An easy-to-use mobile app for both iOS and Android 
  • A web application for managing the entire system remotely 


The system is live with over 5000 transactions everyday by tourists and residents, thus reducing the dependence on local transport and the need for rental vehicles by over 50%. It is managed remotely by a small team of support personnel from a central office.